Miss Gracie

Yes, she is spoiled but not rotten. Gracie has been a great travel dog! She loves this trip and seems to enjoy all the adventures. She has become a stick dog, she finds and collects sticks everywhere we go. Some are quite large…she pulled a tree root right out of the ground! She has tried to pull huge logs along with us. Everywhere we go people tell us how beautiful she is and want to pet her. She doesn’t mind but if you know Shepherds she doesn’t really care either…loving comes on her time and that is it! We’ve had the rare occasion of someone being very scared because she is a Shepherd. As we walked a road in Texas we had a nice lady ask from across the street if she could say hi to Gracie explaining that she was a mail carrier and had been mauled by dog and went through years of therapy to be able to be near dogs again. She said she doesn’t usually ask to pet them but Gracie looked so cute as she dragged her big stick around she thought she would drive. Gracie was great with her and the lady was thankful.

Gracie has decided she is a lap dog, a 70lb lap dog!!! I know the truth, she is using me so she can see out better!! She loves to see what is going on outside when we are parked and especially as we go down the road. As we drive if she wasn’t in my lap she likes to sit with her face on the dash to look out. We have seen people let their big dogs up on the dash – that’s NOT happening here! She will have to settle for my lap. She does try real hard to get in Mark’s lap, she is sure his view is better.

Some pictures of our girl…we really don’t take many…really…

IMG_4128 IMG_4125 IMG_3295 IMG_3423IMG_3271IMG_3663IMG_3667IMG_3693IMG_3733 IMG_0225_2 IMG_3396 IMG_4004 IMG_3391 IMG_3386 IMG_3395IMG_3165IMG_3210IMG_3115IMG_2599 IMG_0229_2


I know, it’s ridiculous how adorable she is!

Gracie loves the snow and sticks!

Gracie has had a great time playing in the snow. I have a cute video of her but for the life of me I can’t seem to get a video to play on here.

Somewhere on this trip Gracie became obsessed with sticks. She has pulled roots out of the ground and brought down branches to play with them. She has always been a “fetch” dog but she has taken it to a new level.

IMG_1662 IMG_1632 IMG_1468 IMG_1416 IMG_1418